Month: February 2022

Mosaic Arts: Cuenca, EC.

Hello! Welcome! Let me get right to it: I need to build a mosaic art studio… ASAP. I would NEVER leave it. I recently took a mosaic art class (a series of classes) at an art studio in Cuenca, Ecuador called idiomART. It was a little bit more advanced of a class, but I was Read More

Candle-making North Coast, EC / new bowls!

Hello — Greetings — Blessings! I found some new glass bowls and they are divine. The wax feels so good in them and these bowls are a little bit deeper than the last one that cracked. I love them and had to share them with you! I already gifted one and I am very excited Read More

Leo Full Moon: Feb. 16th, 2022

Hi folks! Welcome to our second full moon of 2022: the Snow Moon. It is coming up in about 4 days, landing on Wednesday, February 16th, of this wonderful year of 2022! I will only be writing about the monthly full moons on this blog, and hopefully, in the future, I will have more time Read More