My Journalist Statement

I am not a journalist by official trade as I did not go to school for Journalism and honor the education, experience, and ethics learned provided in the traditional degree of study. As a kid, the two main professions I was interested in at the youngest age I am remember were a zookeeper or a journalist. I was interested in many things after that and probably even before that, too. However, it is just interesting to note in my statement here, that journalism was always on my mind! Especially when getting into photography. 

I rediscovered my love for journalism while working as a licensed therapist over the years, especially when facilitating professional research. My research style is all about storytelling and is very qualitative. I love the whole process of helping to be a vessel for very important voices out there. I think this is how I also learned the ethics of journalism and the heart of it used for good – through being a therapist. My love for journalism grows inside me each day and I feel so much joy and excitement when people let me interview them and get to know them.

I enjoy telling stories about culture, human rights, nature/animals, people I find interesting, and who may live alternately from the norm. I love to tell pretty much any story of adventure, meaning, and hope. I like to truly connect with everyone I get to talk to and share about and I think this is both innate and gained from years of being a licensed therapist – where people feel very comfortable talking to me. 

It is a joke that I can be a chatty Kathy when I want to. I love to talk to people. I love people in general, which is also the humanitarian in me written all over my natal chart in astrology star words. I am so touched by people and their stories and courage truly empower and inspire me and… change me, similar in the way I am changed as a licensed therapist (they, of course, have many differences) but that heart feel is very similar. 

I like to take notes and document things, too. I have always had a journal or scrapbook and you will always see me taking photos (mostly in my later childhood, early adulthood -now I wait for the right story to tell and tend to be a bit more reserved). 

I like to inform people about the truth and something of meaning. I find purpose in that my journalist statement and perspective add meaning to the world and might touch hearts or learn something valuable about ourselves through others or ahout the world.

I look forward to the opportunity to be part of your story, to be a safe person to tell it to, and to represent your message with integrity and a strong heart. Writing this statement has instilled much hope within me that I can grow as a journalist and keep learning as much as possible! I hope to connect with you and write something beautiful together. 

And, of course, as an Activist, I believe that telling our story and our truth has the power to unite the world and change it in a peaceful way with words of peace. 

Rachel Howard (Nova), Journalist, MA, BFA