My Naturalist Statement

Simply put I am a student of the natural world. I love to study and observe natural environments around me and when I travel. I am drawn and curious about many different aspects of nature. The behavior of animals and their social and family life. Recently, I have been fascinated with insects! I like to explore and gather information helping me to learn. This was my favorite thing to do as a child. Collecting and gathering things from nature and being in wonder of the world around me.
I enjoy learning about the natural land – the oceans, rivers, forests, deserts, mountains, and so much more. I like to study plants, flowers, mushrooms, and in all my findings, I can understand humans more and how they make connections, and the nature of human relationships. When understanding an ecosystem or a community of interacting organism and their physical environment, only then does human life come into a perspective that makes more sense to me. Just like all my areas of study, endeavors, and interests… I will forever be a student, the natural world being my greatest teacher. I look forward to writing and sharing some cool findings and photography!

Rachel Howard (Nova), Kamama Mama, Naturalist