My Mindful Lifestyle Statement

I am fascinated with lifestyle! Especially a lifestyle that is green, mindful, and minimal waste as much as is doable. It is a passion of mine that continues to grow, especially when my own endurance lengthens, this way I can maintain a more mindful lifestyle. I am always looking for ideas and inspiration about this kind of lifestyle and I hope to share a little bit about my journey here.
Personally, I have found that mindful travel requires a lot more endurance than it does when I am in one place due to the lack of resources in each area. I know that the bunch of years I have under my belt of mindful living in one place truly helps me out when I am nomadic. It is easy to just go with whatever others around me are doing while traveling and it takes strength and constant effort to break that mold. For example, going out of my way to plan, figuring out recycling in each area I go, and so much more. It is a full-time job depending on where I am, but the muscle gets stronger the more I practice and keep trying my best.
Being a mindful traveler to me also looks like traveling off the beaten path. The older I get and the more I travel, the less I want to share my travels and the more called I am to simply embody and integrate them in a way that feels more personal. I am less interested in going where tourists go when I travel, I also prioritize safety, and I tend to stir away from mainstream popular culture.
I want to keep stretching this mindful lifestyle that I live in which I am mostly living an alternative lifestyle that does not like the norm, although finding so much meaning in both the norm and the not so normal. I continue to learn from my lifestyle and where it brings me which matches how I am in my body/mind/soul. This life is truly my greatest teacher.
Mindful Adventurer in the unknown, alternative, and the beautiful norm.

Rachel Nova, Kamama Mama, Adventurer