My Photographer Statement

I have always personally loved photography. I was that kid always making scrapbooks and looking through the tiny lens at the world at large. I love to use photography to explore the world around me and to focus my eye on lived beauty or interesting aspects of life. When I was working on my BFA in drawing and painting, I also spent numerous hours in the darkroom developing film for my photo classes as well as in high school being in the photo club. I loved it personally, but never took my love of photography as a professional endeavor, mostly because of all the expensive equipment.

I think everyone is a photographer, everyone has a special way they look at the world. Photography is a way I make sense of the world. Photography has also helped me to explore and develop who I am.
Lately, as I travel and live and sharpen my photography skills, I have been feeling called to offer professional photography services for special events such as weddings, engagements, graduations, quinceañeras, births, birthdays, professional photos, and just your yearly family photos or other special events. I think as a child, family, and couple’s therapist over the last 10 years, I have cultivated an even sharper eye and deeper heart on the love shared which shows through in my photos.
It is my deepest honor to connect with you, witness your love, and capture it for you in beautiful and timeless photos for you!
Photo packages coming soon as well as my portfolio.
Yours truly,

Rachel Nova (Howard), MA, BFA, Photographer