My Fashion & Beauty Statement

I hesitated to add this page and interest of mine because it did not really feel that meaningful or interesting to share. However, it is an ongoing interest of mine and it is much more than meets the eye to me. 

When I was a kid, I was a girly tomboy. I have a collection of lip glosses that I organized every day, I loved doing hair and make-up and weirdly became good at cutting hair without any training. I always thought of fashion and beauty as an art form and less as an identity staple. I used to model for fun at random department stores and loved modeling clothes and putting together different styles. Over the years in my young adulthood, I became more interested in function, ethical clothing, and minimalism. Now, I feel like I am embracing more of my fashion interests because I am embracing myself more. I feel like what I wear does have meaning to me and I truly do need to feel comfortable and myself. I find such a sense of self-expression with fashion and personality. 

While I travel and explore different parts of the world, I love to study the fashion there and how it feels and how people like to represent themselves, and how that also is interwoven into their culture, too. 

I think my end goal is to be content in one eco-friendly outfit. That would be life! I could picture the final version of me in baggy yogi paints and this outfit that I personally sewed and designed myself, preferably using hemp as much as possible, and I would just wear that every day forever. I have a way to go before that. There are so many facets and versions of myself that I am exploring, and fashion does play a role, at least for right now. 

I hope to explore making my own clothes as well as fabric arts in general. Expect some natural beauty DIYs. I love the beauty that is natural! I have always loved how make-up can bring out natural features and I also love no make-up at all which is my personal preference for myself these days! 

I believe beauty stuff and fashion can be fun and a vessel for self-expression, however, it is always inner beauty that matters the most and I love a more mindful approach to beauty in modeling for young ones how to internalize what is on the outside … within. With this outlook on beauty and fashion, we could live in a much healthier world with a connection to fashion that is meaningful and helps us and our society evolve rather than glorify lifestyles money, and outward appearance as the ¨prettiest¨mask to wear. 

Rachel Nova, models for fun, Fashion-lover, want to be designer