My Trekker Lifestyle Statement

The trekker lifestyle is one I am always working toward. As a runner/trekker, it is truly how I want to see and be in the world and it is on the trail that I belong. This is a lifestyle that has to be earned and at the right time. I have hiked so many beautiful hikes in my life and am truly blessed that my life has taken me there and hopefully again to those same hikes and mountains to see them anew. 

I think vanlife, mindful living/travel, photography intersects here excitedly! I get butterflies thinking about it. I have taken a bit of a pause on trekking and reassessing what it means to me as of late. I realized that I want to trek for meaning, for a cause, and fuse into my trekking lifestyle: humanitarianism. I am so excited for this project I am working on called Chasing Rainbows with Rachel: Trekking for the heartbeat of the world! where we trek for a cause, raising money for a cause in need in the town or village of each trek. I would love your support!

I do not just trek for my own health and my own heart, but for the heartbeat of the world!

Stay tuned for a place for you to donate and more info on each cause supported and each trek along the way mapped out for you to see.

Rachel Nova, Writer, Trekker, Humanitarian