My Star Statement (Astrology Statement)

Greetings earthlings!! Astrology is amazing. From a young age, I have memories of learning the energy and characteristics of each zodiac sign. I was interested in each planet’s energies and how the planet felt different with each sign, however, I never took to heart the horoscopes in the teen magazines my friends and I used to read in middle school. Although I found pop astrology intriguing when I was much younger, it acted as a touchstone for me to go deeper in my learning and relationship with astrology. Contrary to mainstream popular astrology culture or belief, I liked and resonated more with the science of astrology rather than what would be referred to as “horoscopes” which is not actually astrology. I have been fascinated with the stars for as long as I can remember. I remember talking to the stars as a kid as strange as that may sound, I always felt they were a guiding force for me, and the stars always felt like my original home.
While finding myself as an artist in art school while working on my BFA, my paintings resembled the cosmos, unknowingly. Through my art, I was able to understand more deeply that my connection to the stars was something so special and one of my greatest gifts to share with the world. I started to remember myself as a child and the healing gifts that I had pushed away due to my upbringing.
I learn the most about astrology through my own meditation practice, just feeling the patterns of the planets, the energy and movement taking place, and the moon phases. I started to study this way and less through books. Although I have done a lot of ongoing self-studying, I also did some formal study with a few astrologers as well over the years. I am grateful for these studies. However, I feel my greatest teacher is the study of my own natal chart and learning from others’ natal charts and how people relate to them personally.
I feel like astrology is a lot like Art Therapy to me. The more art I see, the better – I learn and see patterns in the art that relate to a person’s psyche or inner state, just like with natal charts. The more natal charts I see, the more experienced I become – I see themes and patterns just the same. Personally, I have had many insights, deep understandings, and transformations in my life due to astrology. Forming a supportive connection to my planets has helped me so much in my life. To this day, I am still blown away by how understanding my South and North Nodes changed my life.
A true star child by birth, the stars are my first language.

Astrology is never-ending and I love learning about all of it, however, I think the most effective way to truly benefit from using astrology as a tool is to go more slowly and just cover the basics.

Astrology is wonderfully paired with Art Therapy, too. I have found this combination to be beneficial. Many people think that astrology is very spiritual and mystical, it can be, however, astrology is very grounding at its best as it is very ego-heavy in that it focuses a lot on personality and building an ego-strength that is healthy. This flows very well with my strength-based approach; however, astrology is vast and can also be very soulful, too. It is a very diverse tool, to say the least! The science of astrology was used in ancient times such as the ancient Egyptians to seek guidance and understand their natural world. I have studied Esoteric Astrology which is known as the astrology of the soul. Eventually, I will know Vedic as well.

I am most curious about how the science of astrology can be used to help individuals, couples, parents, and families better understand each other (understanding differences and personal struggles) and develop more compassion for others and self as it truly has a way of showing us just how unique each of us is and can help with healthy individuation, fostering a sacredness around personal boundaries and healthy communication as well as respect for our individual path and how we can support each other or ourselves more.


It is my dream come true to introduce you to your stars and translate them specifically for you to help you along your beautiful path and your special existence! Your path and who you are is as unique as the placement of the stars and planets you were born under. I am honored to be your to-go astro girl by your side! 

I am so excited to be offering astrology services worldwide now, as I have only been using astrology in my clinical private practice. However, I am thrilled to use it as a self-development and exploration tool for anyone interested in learning. In this astrologer role at My True North Astrology, I act as an educator and guide and not a therapist. Services at My True North Astrology are not psychotherapy and cannot replace work with a licensed therapist, however, can complement it.

Rachel Nova, Astrologer at My True North Astrology