Month: March 2022

3 Practical Must Haves: Nomadic Lifestyle.

Hi there! Welcome to a super practical entry about travel and lifestyle! I am sharing 3 practical things I wish I had gotten much sooner (but did not in an attempt to save money). I went without these things for a while traveling living in my converted van in 2018-19 as well as traveling in Read More

Colorful sleepy surfer vibe mural: Same, Ecuador.

Hi all! Get ready for many mural entries! So much fun! I will be honest: I tried to get amped to share my latest mural adventure on here and totally have been putting it off… I have to try because I rarely share my murals. I got into the habit of finding places to paint Read More

Virgo Full Moon: March 18th, 2022.

Hello!  Welcome to my third entry on all the full moons of this wonderful year of 2022! Can you believe I already started to feel this full moon exactly 11 days before the full moon? Therefore, I am writing my post a little early to prepare.  The act of writing about the moons really helps Read More